FivstaSola Bifacial 200 Watt Solar Panel, 12V 200W 10BB Monocrystalline Solar Panel Panel High Efficiency Module Monocrystalline Technology Work with Charger for RV Camping Home Boat Marine Off-Grid Price: $229.99 (as of 12/30/2023 12:01 PST- Details)

【Bifacial Solar Panel】FivstaSola has a unique double-sided power generation technology that not only makes full use of frontal sunlight, but also makes use of the sun’s rays reflected from the ground, which can increase the efficiency by 40% when taking full advantage of the light.
【High-Quality Shingle-Tech】The FivstaSola Bifacial Solar Panel uses high-quality Shingle-Tech, an innovative technology that maximizes cell space and significantly improves the efficiency of the panels, which are less affected by shadows and cloudy skies than traditional method.
【Durable Solar Panel】FivstaSola 200w solar panel can against the bad environment such as hail, snow and ice.Both the IP68 junction box and IP67 MC4 solar connectors are waterproof.The solar panels frame is made of aluminum to make the panel more stable and durable.You can rest easy outdoors with our panel solar, which help your device receive sunlight efficiently.Our paneles solares is certified CE.