ECO-WORTHY 9.4KWH 2340W 48V Off Grid Complete Solar Panel Kit for Home/Shed: 12pcs 195W Solar Panel + 2pcs 48V 50AH Lithium Battery(5.12KWH) + 5000W 48v All-in-one MPPT Charger Inverter,Plug and Play Price: $3,999.99 (as of 12/30/2023 12:03 PST- Details)

【Daily Power of 40KWH】: The power of 60.84KWh per day under 4 hours full sunshine, very suitable for home, villa, shed, cabin, workshop, farm or other off-grid occasion, and it will provide enough power for TV, air/window condition, water heater, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, Electric drill and other AC 110V devices. (Note: As there are many parts in the system, please contact customer service to determine the appropriate distribution method)
【Super-High Capacity & 10+ Years’ life Batteries】: With 15360Wh of 6pcs 48V 50Ah Metal Shell lithium batteries, which have higher charging/discharging efficiency and more than 3000 times deep cycles than lead acid batteries. Built-in BMS chips(battery management system), can also prevent the battery from getting damaged and provide multi-protections.Metal Shell,defense of all potential risk.Much Safer,prevent Fire, Spike,Explosion, Crash.
【Multifunctional split phase hybrid inverter】: 5000W 48V DC-110V AC All-in-one inverter built in 80A MPPT controller. Supports carrier without battery and grid connection. It can directly convert photovoltaic energy into direct current for DC load when there is no battery or battery is full. Supports free setting of charge and discharge time, avoid the peak of electricity consumption. Supports a maximum of 6 devices in parallel. Configure WiFi module to dynamically monitor the screen.