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Best Planning Practice for your Backyard 2023 – Pt. 3

Best Planning Practice for your Backyard 2023

Previously, I alluded to the importance of having a solid foundation and footings for whatever structure you build. Typically, this is done with reinforced concrete, which also comes in various strengths with little tricks. Preparing the foundations to lay a concrete slab or footings is fundamental. […]

2023 Best Planning Practice for your Dream Backyard – Pt. 2

History has taught us from the time of the Pyramids until today if you want a magnificent structure to stay up over time preparation of the foundations is one of the most important things. An old saying comes to mind, “The wise man built upon the rock, where the fool built upon the sand.”  […]

2023 Best Planning Practice for you Dream Backyard

Firstly, this is the first in a series of discussions about turning your outdoors into an extension to your indoor living space. It’s impossible to cover everything just in one article, unless you want to read a thesis. Planning a massive makeover for your backyard can be an exciting and rewarding project. It involves several[…]