Retro Suitcase, Vintage Decorative Wooden Storage Chest,Antique Wood Suitcase Trunk with Faux Leather Straps, Rustic Box for Home Decor, Event Props, Memory Keepsakes, and Organizing Essentials Price: $34.99 (as of 12/30/2023 18:49 PST- Details)

COMPOSITE WOOD MATERIAL: Our retro luggage is made from high-quality composite wood material, exuding a luxurious and textured appearance. The nostalgic production style breaks away from the traditional look of conventional suitcases, making it more visually appealing and captivating.
INDIVIDUAL LOCK BUCKLE: No need for keys! Our luggage features individual lock buckles that can be easily opened by flipping them to both sides. The simple and convenient operation, combined with the retro copper imitation process, enhances the overall retro feel of the suitcase.
STRONG HANDLE: The sturdy handle of our retro luggage provides a satisfying texture and a comfortable grip. It is designed to withstand heavy loads without bending or breaking, ensuring its durability and longevity.