Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Door Lock with Password, Child Proof Door Lock for Kitchen Refrigerator, Cabinets and Drawers, Closets, Windows, Doors-No Tools Need or Drill (Patent) Price: $8.99 (as of 12/30/2023 12:26 PST- Details)

Safety Lock to Protect Child: This safety lock with password lock can prevent babies from pinching their fingers when they open the refrigerator; prevent babies from eating food forbidden by their parents; even babies accidentally lock themselves in the refrigerator.
NO Tools or Drilling: This refrigerator lock is very easy to install and install, just peel off the sticker and stick it on the refrigerator. Please clean and dry the surface of the refrigerator before use. 3M stickers are strong and will not damage the surface of the refrigerator, please feel free to use them.
Password Setting: The initial password of this refrigerator lock is 0000 (not recommended to change the password because many people forget the new password), changing the password is very simple, just need to keep the password at “0000” from the hole on the right Plug in the gadget in and start resetting your password. Release the inserted tool after your Password is fully set.

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