Kitchen sink Stainless Steel Sink Black Stainless Steel Farm Apron Manual Double Tank Size 78cm * 43cm ZHJING Price: $523.00 (as of 12/30/2023 11:36 PST- Details)

[Sink advantage] Our durable stainless steel bottom made of sturdy coating: helps protect your tableware from fragility and protects the surface of the sink; multifunctional sliding colander: gives you more work space. The sloping bottom with a designed drainage channel directs water to the drainage ditch to prevent water retention.
[Sink characteristics] Our design uses X-shaped guide wire, which can not only increase the capacity of the sink, but also make the water flow more smooth. It is very easy to clean without leaving any dust behind.
[Our Packaging] This sink kit comes with a sink * 1, a drain basket * 1, and we use discreet packaging to keep it intact.