IULULU 6 Inch Full Size Mattress in a Box Memory Foam Mattress Full Bed Mattresses Bed in a Box Cooling Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US, White

Amazon.com Price: $175.79 (as of 12/30/2023 19:16 PST- Details)

【Cooling Gel Infused Green Tea Memory Foam】Our green tea memory foam mattress is infused with cooling gel, creating a breathable layer that disperses air temperature and retains all the beneficial properties of memory foam. Say goodbye to stuffy feelings during sleep, ensuring a comfortable rest for you and your kids.
【Graphene Technology Cover – Health】The nylon-feel cover of our mattress has deodorizing and antistatic qualities. Its far-infrared fabric provides therapeutic benefits by promoting blood circulation, enhancing performance, and contributing to overall well-being.
【Fiberglass-Free FR Inner Cover – Safety】Crafted with 92% cotton and 8% polyester, our mattress features a fiberglass-free flame retardant inner cover. This ensures safety without causing skin irritation, breathing problems, or health risks to you and your family. It is CertiPUR-US certified for added peace of mind.