QUICKDRY Stone Luxury Bath Mat, Non-Slip, Easy to Clean, & Super Absorbent. Fits Any Bathroom and is Aesthetically Pleasing for Modern Homes. Designed in California! 15.39in x 23.62in. (Off-White)

Amazon.com Price: $64.99 (as of 12/30/2023 15:57 PST- Details)

✅ MINIMALISTIC AESTHETIC: The QUICKDRY Bath Mats’ sleek and slim design features a minimalistic aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern bathroom decor. Its neutral color scheme and stone-like appearance make it a great addition to your bathroom.
✅ FAST DRYING: This diatomaceous earth bath mat has a porous structure that allows for super water absorption, making it possible to absorb water quickly. It automatically eliminates wet footprints in just 15 seconds, ensuring a dry and hygienic bathroom environment at all times.
✅ ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The surface of our bath mat has a textured effect that increases friction between your feet and the mat, ensuring maximum grip. It also comes equipped with a non-slip pad underneath, providing extra stability and preventing slipping, making it perfect for the elderly and young children.